Livestock Shelter 20x20x12 PVC 610GSM 4 Arches
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     Livestock Shelter 20x20x12 PVC 610GSM 4 Arches
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    518 KG
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Large Heavy Duty Livestock Shelter



Box contains:

4 x Top bent joist
8 x Sidewall bent joist
4 x Upright for middle arch
8 x Portal
22 x Fence
12 x Base plates
1 x Roof cover
6 x Tensioning tube for roof cover
1 x Rope for roof cover
8 x Roof bent joist
4 x Upright for front and back end
21 x Purlin
1 x Cross beam

2 x Gate
32 x Peg stake
8 x Belt winch
4 x Plugs
184 x Bolts
6 x Pins



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Large Heavy Duty Livestock Shelter

Ideal for Cattle / Calving | Steel Frame | PVC 610gsm Heavy Duty Cover

Measurement: Length: 6m x Wide: 6m x High: 4m (L20ft x W20ft x H12ft)


Product Description:


Our Heavy Duty Livestock Shelter is a great addition to any farmsmallholding or animal nursery and ideal for small Cattle, Sheep, GoatsDonkeysAlpacas and other Livestock. These are also popular for cattle rearing.


Shelters are great for the wellbeing of grazing livestock and provides protection from harsh weather.



This shelter is made from a high density PVC 610gsm fabric which is treated against UV / Rot and has a heavy duty / All steel galvanised frame to resist chipping, peeling and rust corrosion.


The pole walls are 1.5mm thick.

It's also great for storing farm equipment.



Time to build this shelter is about 5 hoursYou'll need at least three people and preferably someone on tea duty.




  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from a robust high-density PVC 610gsm fabric, this shelter is built to last. It's treated to withstand UV rays and rot, ensuring longevity.
  • Sturdy Frame: The all-steel galvanized frame is resistant to chipping, peeling, and rust corrosion, guaranteeing the shelter's structural integrity.
  • Versatile Use: Aside from livestock, it's also excellent for storing farm equipment, making it a versatile addition to your farm.
  • Easy Assembly: Although it's heavy-duty, assembling this shelter is a manageable task, taking around 5 hours with a team of at least three people. Don't forget to assign someone as the designated "tea duty" manager.
  • Comprehensive Package: This package includes all the necessary components for assembly, from joists and beams to peg stakes and roof covers.

Technical Specification:

Measures 20 x 20 x 12ft high
Waterproof, Rot-resisant and UV treatment cover built to last - 610gsm
Box Size
 2100 x 950 x 800 mm
Box Weight
Weight 518 KG
Pole wall thickness




Top bent joist x 4

Roof bent joist x 8

Sidewall bent joist x 8

Upright for front and back end x 4

Upright for middle arch x 4

Purlin x 21

Portal x 8

Cross beam x 1

Fence x 22

Gate x 2

Base plates x 12

Peg stake x 32

Roof cover x 1

Belt winch x 8

Tensioning tube for roof cover x 6

Plugs x 4

Rope for roof cover x 1

Bolts x 184

Tube clip x 4

Pins x 6


Delivery Details:


We ship directly from our Warehouse in Shropshire.

Dispatched within 24 hours (Orders placed Monday – Friday)

Shelter will require assembly.



More information and comments:


  • Secure Installation: We recommend using the provided ground stakes to keep the shelter secure. Additional ground anchoring is advisable for added stability.

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